Chicken Coops That You Can Do It Youself

If you have plans to develop your own DIY chicken coops then rest assured that this is not a bad idea at all. The process is very easy and the biggest assistance for you is that all the materials that are required to make the DIY chicken coops are easily available in the market. However there are some tips associated with this task which if you do not follow can result in a total catastrophe. Some of these highly important tips are as follows

  • When developing your own DIY chicken coops the first thing which you need to be clear about is that how will you feed your chickens? Once this question is answered the second thing which you should immediately start working on is finding the things that are necessary for building the house. You can start with an empty soda bottle
  • While making the DIY Chicken Coops you must ensure that the water dispenser and the feeder should not be placed adjacent to each other. Take utmost care in this regard
  • While making the house keep in mind the spacing. Remember the main purpose behind building the house is that you want your chickens to lay their eggs and this laying of eggs is only possible ones the chickens have adequate space where they can sit comfortably.
  • It is always a good idea if you place a ledge at the roosts corner this will help free movement of the chicken.
  • Place a heat lamp in the chicken coop however ensure that the lamp is placed in such a way that the chickens don’t hurt themselves.

If you follow the above mentioned tips then the results can turn out pretty positive for you. These tips are no rocket science and applying them requires a little effort from your side.

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