Do It Yourself Bath Mat Projects

The concept of DIY bath mat has gained a lot of popularity nowadays and instead of going to the shop just for buying the bath mat people have started to design their own bath mats. The ideas related to DIY bath mat are plenty and a simple internet research would reveal you many such ideas. Some common ideas are as follows

  • HGTV Gardens
  • Crafty Nest
  • House of Hepworths
  • My Home My Style
  • Addicted 2 Decorating

Apart from these above mentioned ideas there are many other ideas as well. The DIY Bath mat is a very useful product and there are many advantages associated with it. These advantages are countless and if the length of this particular article would not have been a concern we would have mentioned all these advantages. Some unique advantages specifically associated with DIY bath mat are as follows

  • Since its “Do it yourself” bath mat hence you have plenty of decoration options available. you can customize the product as per your wishes and desires
  • The product is very much resilient to harmful substances which may damage it
  • The DIY bath mat is immune to bacteria and mold. This immunity is very much natural
  • The DIY bath mat is an ecofriendly product which surely is a service to humanity and the environment at large

These were some of the unique advantages associated with DIY bath mat. The product can easily be made by you however if you are afraid that you cannot do it yourself then in such a case it is advisable that you take the help of your friend or anybody who knows the DIY art. If you learn the DIY art then this art can serve as a stress releasing and refreshing thing for you.

Do It Yourself Gift Box Projects

If you are planning to present a gift to your friend or any other loved one then a preferred option for you is to go for DIY gift boxes. The advantages associated with DIY gift boxes are many and the biggest advantage is that by building your own gift box you will be able to transfer your true emotions which are not possible in the case of buying a ready made gift box from the market.

Making your own DIY gift boxes is not a hard nut to crack. All it needs is little creativity and an effort. The activity of making the DIY gift boxes is very enjoyable and refreshing as well. The ideas related to gift boxes are many and sky is the limit in this regard. However if you are a beginner then the below mentioned tips can serve as a good starting point for you.

  • The first thing which you should do is to select a right theme. The theme is very much dependent upon the gift itself. You can also select a theme which you think the receiver of the gift will like most. Some themes that can be selected by you are chocolate, cinnamon and gingerbread.
  • Ensure that the size of your gift box is also adequate. The size should also be according to the item which you are placing in the Box. The gift receiver should not face any discomfort while taking the item out of the gift box.
  • The third important thing is the color combination. Ensure that you use color combinations which are pleasing to the eye of the receiver. There are many color combinations that can be utilized by you.

The above mentioned tips are just an icing on the cake and there are many other tips as well which can be used by you.

Creative Diy Ideas For Pebble Art Crafts!

The DIY Pebble art is a huge subject and volumes can be written on this sole subject alone. While utilizing the DIY pebble art we basically design different eye catching structures that can be used for decorative purposes. Though developing your own items through DIY pebble art is a very exciting thing to do however to make yourself perfect in it one has to read about it and can also consult a professional in this regard.

As mentioned above the DIY pebble art can be used to make several items however an item which will surely result in the form of beauty and décor is a pebble art frame. A good frame always creates a good impact on the person who sees it. Building your own DIY pebble art frame is not that difficult, all you need is a few items such as a frame, pen or pencil, glue, cardboard (white or black color) and pebbles of different sizes and colors. The steps which are necessary to develop your own DIY pebble art frame are as follows.

  • Begin with a pattern which is simple and a simple theme for you can be in the form of flower and a tree
  • Select the right kind and combination of pebbles before you install them inside the cardboard
  • Use the glue to fix the pebbles
  • Do not hang the frame until the glue gets dried
  • Hang the frame anywhere which you find suitable

If you are a beginner then the above mentioned steps are ideal for you to follow. These steps can be easily applied and there is no rocket science involved in it. Once you succeed in the frame then after that you can try out other pebble decorative items as well. You can find loads of pebble art information on the internet as a lot has already been written about it.

Do It Yourself Jar Garden And Light Projects

If you go onto the internet you will find many ideas related to Jam Jar gardens and perhaps this is the reason why jam jar gardens is not the topic of our discussion in this particular article. The thing which we are going to discuss here is Jam jar garden lights. Primarily we will see how the jam jar garden lights are made and what steps one needs to follow in order to make a perfect jam jar garden light. The steps of jam jar light development are as follows

  • The first thing which you need to do is to get hold of a garden wire which is thin and whose length is around 50 cm. Take this garden wire and put a loop at its end. The wire can easily be found by you from your local store.
  • The second thing which you need to do is apply thread on the beads. While applying the thread keep in mind that you have to cover at least 25 cm of the total length. The beads can be found by you from an old necklace of yours or if you don’t have such a necklace then in such a case you can find it from your local market as well.
  • In the third step you need to put the unbeaded part of the wire around the jam jar. While doing this you need to twist the end part of the wire for security purposes.
  • For decoration purposes put some sand in the jar and add some food coloring in it. Once this is done, shake the jar and as a result you will get colored sand.
  • At the side of the jar paste some stickers and after placing the stickers put a tea light in the jar.