Chicken Coops That You Can Do It Youself

If you have plans to develop your own DIY chicken coops then rest assured that this is not a bad idea at all. The process is very easy and the biggest assistance for you is that all the materials that are required to make the DIY chicken coops are easily available in the market. However there are some tips associated with this task which if you do not follow can result in a total catastrophe. Some of these highly important tips are as follows

  • When developing your own DIY chicken coops the first thing which you need to be clear about is that how will you feed your chickens? Once this question is answered the second thing which you should immediately start working on is finding the things that are necessary for building the house. You can start with an empty soda bottle
  • While making the DIY Chicken Coops you must ensure that the water dispenser and the feeder should not be placed adjacent to each other. Take utmost care in this regard
  • While making the house keep in mind the spacing. Remember the main purpose behind building the house is that you want your chickens to lay their eggs and this laying of eggs is only possible ones the chickens have adequate space where they can sit comfortably.
  • It is always a good idea if you place a ledge at the roosts corner this will help free movement of the chicken.
  • Place a heat lamp in the chicken coop however ensure that the lamp is placed in such a way that the chickens don’t hurt themselves.

If you follow the above mentioned tips then the results can turn out pretty positive for you. These tips are no rocket science and applying them requires a little effort from your side.

How To Create Bird Houses By Yourself

There are many people in this world who like the natural environment and who like to spend plenty of time with pet birds. If you are among such people then perhaps the best option for you is to build a bird house of your own or in other words go for DIY bird houses. The DIY bird houses will be an exercise which will be both enjoyable as well as exciting for you.

The bird house which you are making should be clean, durable and rain proof as well. The material that is best suited for making DIY bird houses is wood. Some tips related to DIY bird houses are as follows

  • Always select the right place for your bird house. This is easier said than done as the issue of birds is a bit technical. Birds differ in species and every bird has its unique style of living and requirements. While making the bird house you need to see what particular birds you will be placing in the house and what are their living patterns.
  • The above mentioned rule also applies to the size of the DIY bird houses. The size also differs as per the bird species for example a blue bird requires a house which is 10 inches high. On the other hand a chickadee will be quite comfortable in a house which is 8 inches tall. So ensure the right size
  • The door of the house should also be of perfect height. While making the door of the bird house you need to keep into consideration the predator attacks. Security of the bird should always be in your mind while making the door of the house.

These were some of the tips associated with DIY bird houses.

Diy Miniature Stone Houses For Beutiful Gardens

The trend of DIY miniature stone houses is very much in nowadays and people use these houses for various decoration purposes. There are a variety of designs which are there in the DIY miniature stone houses. Each of these designs are eye catching and is pleasant to the eye. The most type of DIY miniature stone houses is the Stone Fairy House.

Making the stone fairy house is no rocket science and all you need is some basic ingredients in order to manufacture it. The manufacturing of the entire house is very simple and all you need to do is follow the guidelines which you can find from many different sources. Applying these guidelines is no rocket science and even a layman can apply them. However if you are not comfortable and you don’t think then you can do it then there is no harm in a hiring a professional person.

The things that are required for the manufacturing of DIY miniature stone houses can easily be found from your local market and not much of an effort is required for that. These things or items are as follows:

  • First of all purchase a good quality glue which has the ability to hold things together
  • Try to get a good quality zip log bag
  • Try to get a bird house, gourd or any other old container
  • Small sized stones will also be required by you. finding stones would not be a hard nut to crack for you
  • From the market purchase Tweezers as well.
  • A small amount of urethane will also be required by you in the preparation process of the DIY miniature stone houses
  • If you get an artificial moss then this can surely serve as a plus point for you.

Build Charming Tree Houses By Yourself With These Diy Projects

Building DIY tree houses can serve as a good activity for you as far as passing your time and relaxing yourself is concerned. The thing which holds the greatest importance while building the DIY tree houses is the design of the tree house. Think long and hard before you come up with the decision regarding the design of your tree house. Before you make the design, first of all go to your tree and see at which spot you can make the house.
Though the design is the base of a DIY tree house however there are many other things as well which should be kept into consideration while building the DIY tree houses. These considerations are as follows

  • Select the right tree for your house and by right tree we mean that the health of the tree should be good and its branches should be strong enough to cater a tree house. Some ideal trees for DIY tree houses are Oak, apple and fir.
  • Always check the rules and regulations of your country i: e building a tree house is allowed or not. The best place where you can confirm this is the local department of planning.
  • The third point is more related to manners. It is better that before you start building your tree house you should take the permission of your neighbors as well. There may be a chance that your tree house is so high that you can look into the property of your neighbor so as a good citizen you should take their permission
  • Consult your insurance agent as well. Your insurance agent will tell you whether the tree which you have selected for the Tree house comes into your jurisdiction or not.
  • Try to come up with a solution about the branches that can pose a hindrance for your tree house.