How To Create Bird Houses By Yourself

There are many people in this world who like the natural environment and who like to spend plenty of time with pet birds. If you are among such people then perhaps the best option for you is to build a bird house of your own or in other words go for DIY bird houses. The DIY bird houses will be an exercise which will be both enjoyable as well as exciting for you.

The bird house which you are making should be clean, durable and rain proof as well. The material that is best suited for making DIY bird houses is wood. Some tips related to DIY bird houses are as follows

  • Always select the right place for your bird house. This is easier said than done as the issue of birds is a bit technical. Birds differ in species and every bird has its unique style of living and requirements. While making the bird house you need to see what particular birds you will be placing in the house and what are their living patterns.
  • The above mentioned rule also applies to the size of the DIY bird houses. The size also differs as per the bird species for example a blue bird requires a house which is 10 inches high. On the other hand a chickadee will be quite comfortable in a house which is 8 inches tall. So ensure the right size
  • The door of the house should also be of perfect height. While making the door of the bird house you need to keep into consideration the predator attacks. Security of the bird should always be in your mind while making the door of the house.

These were some of the tips associated with DIY bird houses.

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