Trying out your own DIY headboard designs can be a very fun activity. All it needs is a little creativity and effort from your side and within no time you can come up with some of the best headboard designs. Technically creating DIY headboard designs require experimenting with items which you normally think of throwing away and there are loads of ideas that can be screened out for this purpose. Some of these ideas are as follows

  • The first idea is more related to wooden picket fence, yes! You can always utilize the wooden picket fence as a headboard. You can always find the fence from your home improvement store; similarly you can paint the fence as per your choice. ideally you should paint it as per your bedroom décor.
  • If you have a mantel in your possession that you can fit around your bed then you can use such a mantel as a headboard as well. The decoupage and the door can be painted by you through fabric.
  • You can find trellis in various sizes from your local store. The trellis can be used as a headboard and all you need to do is to paint them and decorate them via ribbons and flowers. The headboard can be fixed on your wall.
  • Ceiling tin sheets can also serve as good headboards for you especially in the case of decorating your bedroom. These sheets can be purchased easily from different salvage stores. For a perfect DIY headboard design you should buy a ceiling which is larger than your bed’s width.
  • A good headboard idea is to paint and frame an old window frame and get it fitted in your wall. If you can get a good picture as well then that can surely serve as an icing on the cake.

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