If you go onto the internet you will find many ideas related to Jam Jar gardens and perhaps this is the reason why jam jar gardens is not the topic of our discussion in this particular article. The thing which we are going to discuss here is Jam jar garden lights. Primarily we will see how the jam jar garden lights are made and what steps one needs to follow in order to make a perfect jam jar garden light. The steps of jam jar light development are as follows

  • The first thing which you need to do is to get hold of a garden wire which is thin and whose length is around 50 cm. Take this garden wire and put a loop at its end. The wire can easily be found by you from your local store.
  • The second thing which you need to do is apply thread on the beads. While applying the thread keep in mind that you have to cover at least 25 cm of the total length. The beads can be found by you from an old necklace of yours or if you don’t have such a necklace then in such a case you can find it from your local market as well.
  • In the third step you need to put the unbeaded part of the wire around the jam jar. While doing this you need to twist the end part of the wire for security purposes.
  • For decoration purposes put some sand in the jar and add some food coloring in it. Once this is done, shake the jar and as a result you will get colored sand.
  • At the side of the jar paste some stickers and after placing the stickers put a tea light in the jar.

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