DIY Projects To Recycle Milk Cartons And Reuse Them Smartly

DIY Projects To Recycle Milk Cartons And Reuse Them Smartly

Some people confuse “reuse” and “recycle”, the thing is that both of these things are very different from one another. Recycling is an actual and industrial process whereas reusing can be done by anyone. Every one of us have milk cartons in our homes, some of us throw them away while others find more ways to use them. here you will find some useful ways with which you can reuse empty milk cartons.

Store Craft Materials
Milk cartons make the perfect place to store craft materials like art supplies and leftover fabric. Turning milk cartons into storage space is very easy, all that is needed to be done is that the handles need to be mounted to any pole and then you can use the cartons as storage.

A milk carton can also be used as a shovel. If you like gardening then you know that you can easily get your hands dirty while transferring soil. With the help of a shovel this becomes a lot easier and this is where milk cartons come in as they can be used as shovels if cut correctly.

Plant Starters
If you know anything about gardening then you will know that plants cannot be put directly in big pots instead they need to kept in plant starters where they can be taken care of. Milk cartons can be used as plant starters, this is because these cartons are deep enough to house a plant.

Gift Basket
Another way to reuse milk cartons is to use it as a DIY gift basket, all you need is an empty milk carton, scissors and ribbon. Just decorate the carton is whatever you can find and you will have a rather beautiful milk carton.

These were a few ways to reuse milk cartons to make useful things. There are many more ways to reuse milk cartons and if you interested then you can find them online.